KICKOFF Sports Wear


KickOff Sports Wear is one of oldest Jersey manufacturing company in Kerala. They have units in Calicut, Kottakkal and Ernakulam. Their elegant range of products is known for their originality of style and intricate designs. We have an extensive range of products which include the new home and away football shirts from all the leading club and international teams. We have 50+ In-house staffs in our factory. Our main factory is located at Smart Trade City Kottakkal. We have partnered with major shipping providers in Kerala so we can delivery our product in anywhere Kerala. We always deal with wholesale and retails. Our 6+ years of expertise made us leader in this industry.


Our main challenge is providing initial consultation to client about Digital marketing in Facebook. But we over come this. Client is very much happy with our service. We initially provided some ideas by running some demo campaigns to show the result.


With our customer focused advertisement campaign they got high conversion from facebook. Most of the leads are from inbound calls since most of the consumers are local area peoples.

We provided following Service

  • Facebook initial consultation.
  • A short brief about facebook advertisement.
  • Facebook ad manager account setup.
  • Facebook ad manager billing setup.
  • Facebook ad design service.
  • Facebook pixel setup to website.
  • Weekly Analysis of result.
  • Monthly account spend report
  • Monthly budget planning with a client meeting


  • +850000 Reach
  • +50000 Engagement
  • +320000 Ad Impression
  • +7500 Link Clicks
  • +1500 Leads

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