8 Must have WordPress Plugins for 2018

In This post we are exploring basic details of 8 best wordpress plugins.

1. Jetpack by

One of the best WordPress plug-ins for many reasons. First of all, downloaders get informed about the number of visits their site has and they can also increase their visits by using some tools offered like Publicize and Related Posts. Not only that, but it also provides protection from hackers as it monitors suspicious moves that may happen. You can also customize your website with some special features and make it more popular and attractive to visitors.

2. Akismet

This WordPress plug-in is perfect for sites that provide the users the ability to write comments, because it automatically filters each and every comment and can detect spams for you. Moderators can view the URLs that include misleading or malevolent content and the number of approved comments every user has. When a hidden or misleading link is found during the check, they can discard it from the website.

3. WP Super Cache

With more than 1 million downloads, this plug-in provides users with high quality services. It has the ability to create static files for those who aren’t logged in your website, they have never written a comment on your blog, or have not viewed a post that requires a password. Most of the visitors will have access to those files, while the others will view different cache files with no obvious disparity.

4. bbPress

A reliable WordPress plug-in that can save you from slow software and hackers. It is convenient to use, and its 300,000 active installs indicate the quality it provides with the users. With lots of add-on features, this plug-in seems to simply do the job for you.

5. Theme  Check

Very useful for theme developers and for those who want the theme of their website to be up-to-date. The Theme plug-in is easy to use and will make sure that your website follows the latest theme review standards. The checking is made by the admin through a special menu, where the results can be seen all at once.

6. BuddyPress

This social network software was created to make your attendance in the community field better. A reliable plug-in with great add-on features that help you organize your connections, interact with others and much more. The users have the ability to create new profiles in a simple way and can have access to lots of extended features that will bring the social network experience to the next level.

7. Ecwid

Ecwid addresses best to users who already own a website and wish to renovate it, rather than create a new system from scratch. This plug-in offers the ability to integrate your old website into a new one by simply using the Ecwid system. This whole process lasts just a few minutes and saves you time and money. It also applies to users who are always in the move and want to have access to the website through different devices, as it can be used even through your cell phone.

8. TablePress

TablePress allows users to create and manage amazing tables and easily address them to posts, websites, etc. The tables may contain all kinds of data, even those that haven’t been evaluated yet. Lots of additional features can be inserted to make your job more convenient. The potential that this plug-in offers is undescribable even for the most demanding users.