What do you think binds together website designers, digital advertisers, and entrepreneurs? You would say, the website. But it’s not only the website; it’s also the ranking of the website on Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP). All of the aforementioned professionals strive to get the website to rank higher and higher on the SERP. That is a common goal all of them share in order to eventually increase product awareness and sales.

But, according to magento development company, it is certainly not as simple as that. Google changes the algorithm that determines a website’s ranking on the SERP pretty often and inconsistently. There is always something new being added or something outdated being taken out from the algorithm to keep only the most original, most fresh content on the SERP.

The changes to the algorithm may not always be monumental but it is important to keep optimizing and improving your content in a way that is supported by the algorithm. Here are some features with which the rise of SERP will dominate 2018:

  1. Featured Answers

Google is able to show millions of results for your search query within a matter of seconds. The time it takes to show these results, if you notice, shows in parenthesis beside the quantity of search results for the query. So much emphasis is placed on fast delivery of searched content because it’s a very fast-paced world with high processing computers. Just a few seconds can influence the bounce rate of the user.

What does this information mean for website developers and SEO experts? It means that speed and efficiency of content delivery should be their priority just like it is for Google SERP.

Search any random set of keywords and you will be presented with a box of featured questions and answers. Searches are also accompanied by boxes featuring “People also ask”. These present common questions asked related to the search query. Clicking on these questions give instant, short, to-the-point answers and each question then opens up more related questions.

This is an infinite cycle of fast, efficient, and bite-sized delivery of content that is working very well for Google SERP.

  1. Lower Click-Through Rates

Google SERP are becoming sleeker, cleaner but also more detailed at the same time. Whether you may be searching for random keywords, something strictly specific or the weather in your area. You will come across beautifully organized content in what Google calls “rich cards”.

This way of delivering content is highly efficient and effective for the user who is trying to get an overview of the content. However, it has great consequences for business websites that rely on organic traffic for on-site conversions.

Research data proves that only 66% of searches on Google result in clicks. Why, exactly? Because of rich cards, most users get their desired content without even clicking on websites. Rich cards let users get exact answers to search queries without the need of clicking on and browsing through entire web page.

Previously, it was believed that the higher the website ranks on SERP, the greater its click-through rate. However, with the changed algorithm and bite-sized delivery of accurate content, this has to change as well.

  1. Trending News

Google News is another overwhelmingly amazing feature of the SERP. Say, you search for ‘tornado’; you are instantly presented with information called “Top Stories” that is administered and brought to SERP by Google News.

What Google aims to achieve with these rich snippets of news surrounding a search query is the fast and efficient provision of multiple related news at the same time. These news articles presented in the form of rich snippets are often combined with AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages). This enables users to view multiple articles without going to Google.

This feature is a brilliant addition to the algorithm as it is super-fast, accurate, and lets users view multiple articles. According to TechCrunch, Google’s AMP is capable of powering over two billion mobile pages and near about one million domains.

Entrepreneurs hire magento developers or other digital advertisers to figure out the nitty gritty of the algorithm that’s constantly being upgraded. But if one reads up a little on the matter, anyone can figure out Google is improving the algorithm and the SERP so often just to facilitate its users with faster delivery of the accurate content. Providing the best possible user experience is what Google’s business model is built around and should be your goal as a website developer as well.